Preflight – August 30th, 2014

Join us for a great day of learning more about aviation opportunities, focusing on safety and proficiency, and sharing our experiences with a great group of pilots.

 Date: Saturday, August 30th 2014

Time: 1000-1400ish

Location: 3070 Boeing Rd, Cameron Park


  • Celebrations and Announcements
  • Owner-performed preventative maintenance

If you have been interested in performing preventative maintenance on your airplane, but were a bit intimidated by the requirements of Part 43, this is your opportunity to roll up your sleeves and learn the right way.  Brandon Braithwaite, A&P and IA, will join us to help us learn how to perform preventative maintenance and keep our logbooks up-to-date.  We plan to cover items such as changing a tire, repacking wheel bearings, and changing oil and replacing the oil filter.   This will be a hands-on course, so plan to get a bit of grease on your hands.

We plan to have the flight school airplane as the guinea pig for these items, but if you want to bring your airplane and parts/servicing items, please email Dustin (; we’d love to have many examples to work with.

  • BBQ!

Please register if you plan to attend to give us a headcount for the BBQ.