Task C: Engine Starting

Task C: Engine Starting (ASEL and ASES)

References: FAA-H-8083-3, FAA-H-8083-23, FAA-H-8083-25; AC 91-13, AC 91-55; POH/AFM.

Objective: To determine that the applicant:

Private Pilot PTS What this means... What you can do to prepare
1. Exhibits satisfactory knowledge of the elements related to recommended engine starting procedures. This shall include the use of an external power source, hand propping safety, and starting under various atmospheric conditions. The examiner will ask you:

  • How do you start your airplane’s engine if the battery is dead?
  • Can you hand prop your airplane?
  • What is the procedure for hand propping?
  • How do you prepare your aircraft’s engine for starting differently at a high density altitude airport such as South Lake Tahoe?
2. Positions the airplane properly considering structures, surface conditions, other aircraft, and the safety of nearby persons and property. The examiner is expecting that you understand propwash etiquette; you are always aware of what is behind you, and you do not direct your airplane’s wash into open hangars, at people, airplanes, cars, etc.

The examiner is also looking to ensure that you do not perform a run-up over gravel, which can damage the prop.

3. Utilizes the appropriate checklist for starting procedure.. As with all phases of flight for which the airplane’s manufacturer has provided a checklist, the examiner is expecting you to use it. This means that the examiner needs to see you reviewing the checklist can verbally checking items off.

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