Task G: Operation of Systems

Task G: Operation of Systems (ASEL and ASES)

References: FAA-H-8083-23, FAA-H-8083-25; POH/AFM.

Objective: To determine that the applicant exhibits satisfactory knowledge of the elements related to the operation of systems on the airplane provided for the flight test by explaining at least three of the following systems:

Private Pilot PTS What this means… What you need to do to prepare
1. Primary flight controls and trim.
2. Flaps, leading edge devices, and spoilers.
3. Water rudders (ASES).
4. Powerplant and propeller.
5. Landing gear.
6. Fuel, oil, and hydraulic.
7. Electrical.
8. Avionics.
9. Pitot-static, vacuum/pressure and associated flight instruments.
10. Environmental.
11. Deicing and anti-icing.
The examiner will ask you to describe at least three of the systems listed to the left. Typical systems discussed include the flight control, fuel system, oil system, electrical system and pitot/static system most trainers are equipped with at least these systems. You need to be able to describe the components that make up each system, their purpose and function, how they are connected to other components, and how to identify their failure modes and subsequently troubleshoot the system.

Other questions examiners may ask include:

  • What type of engine does your aircraft have?
  • What does the IO mean in IO-360, what does the 360 mean?
  • What is your engine’s maximum RPM?
  • What is your engine’s static RPM range?
  • What is the minimum and maximum oil pressure?
  • What is the minimum and maximum oil temperature?
  • What is the cause of an engine fire during starting?
  • What is the procedure for managing an engine fire during starting?
  • How does the primer system work on a carburetor engine?
  • How do you prime your fuel-injected engine?
Study Chapter 7 “Airplane and Systems Description” in your aircraft’s Airplane Flight Manual (AFM/POH) to understand how each airplane systems is designed and works.

For more information about system operation, study PHAK Chapter 6 Aircraft Systems.

Check your memory by drawing each system from memory, labeling each component and identifying its purpose and failure effect.

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