Unit 8 – Stage Review

Preflight Exercises
Complete the weight and balance portion of the Preflight Briefing Sheet.

Conduct the preflight inspection

Dry-run through the following checklists:

  • Slow Flight
  • Power Off Stall
  • Power On Stall
  • Steep Turns
  • Engine failure during takeoff roll
  • Engine failure immediately after takeoff
  • Engine failure in flight
  • Emergency landing without power
Preflight Discussion
Topic Be able to answer: Resources to study:
Practical Knowledge Be prepared to respond to questions on these topics in the Private Pilot Practical Test Standards.

  • Task A: Certificates and Documents
  • Task B: Airworthiness Requirements
testprepComplete the Stage 1 Quiz


Figures referenced in this quiz can be found in the Airmen Knowledge Test Supplement.

Study Task A: Certificates and Documents and Task B: Airworthiness Requirements in the PTS Explained guide.

Decision Making and Risk Mgmt
  • Review crosswind component and weight and balance for flight.
  • Use the PAVE checklist to identify risks associated with the flight.
Flight Experience
The instructor will ask you to perform each maneuver listed below.

  • Slow Flight
  • Power Off Stall
  • Power On Stall
  • Steep Turns
  • Normal/Crosswind Takeoff
  • Normal/Crosswind Landing
  • Go Around
  • Forward Slip
  • Simulated Engine Failure
Review the Private Pilot Airmen Certification Standards for each of these maneuvers.