Unit 8 – Stage Review

Preflight Exercises

Obtain a weather briefing from LMFSWeb and 1-800-WXBRIEF for the local area.

Complete all portions of the Preflight Briefing Sheet.

Preflight the airplane using your checklist.

Preflight Discussion
Topic Be able to answer: Resources to study:
Practical Knowledge Be prepared to respond to questions on these topics in the Private Pilot PTS.

  • Task E: National Airspace System
  • Task F: Performance and Limitations
  • Task G: Operations of Systems
Study these sections of the PTS Explained Guide:

Practical Knowledge

Private Pilot Aeronautical Experience

Review the accumulated experience with your instructor.

Complete the Private Pilot – Required Aeronautical Experience sheet and bring to the lesson.
Decision Making and Risk Mgmt
  • Describe aeronautical decision making (ADM)
  • Why is ADM important to aviation safety?
  • Describe Single Pilot Resource Management (SRM)
  • Describe a hazard.
  • Describe a risk.
  • Describe risk management.
  • Describe the hazardous attitudes and their antidotes.
  • Describe how the PAVE checklist aids in risk management prior to flight.
  • How will you manage external pressures to make future flights?
  • What are personal minimums and how do you use them?
  • What are your personal minimums for solo flight?
  • Describe an aeronautical decision making model you can use in flight.
  • Describe situational awareness.
  • Describe automation management.
  • Review the Preflight Briefing Sheet
  • Use the PAVE checklist to identify risks associated with the flight.

Study Chapter 17 – Aeronautical Decision Making in the PHAK.

Complete the ASI Aeronautical Decision Making course and bring the completion certificate to the lesson.


Flight Experience
The instructor will ask you to perform each maneuver listed below.

  • Slow Flight
  • Power Off Stall
  • Power On Stall
  • Steep Turns
  • Normal/Crosswind Takeoff
  • Normal/Crosswind Landing
  • Go Around
  • Forward Slip
  • Simulated Engine Failure
  • Short Field Takeoff
  • Short Field Landing
  • Soft Field Takeoff
  • Soft Field Landing
  • Emergency Descent
  • Basic Attitude Instrument Flying
  • Unusual Attitude Recoveries
  • Radio Navigation
  • Rectangular Course
  • S-Turns
  • Turns around a point
Review the practical test standards for each of these maneuvers.