Unit 4 – Maneuver Review and Emergency Instrument Flying

Preflight Exercises
Obtain a weather briefing from LMFSWeb and 1-800-WXBRIEF for the local area.

Complete all portions of the Preflight Briefing Sheet.

Preflight the airplane using your checklist.

Preflight Discussion
Topic Be able to answer: Resources to study:
Aeromedical Factors Health and Physiological Factors

Describe the symptoms, causes, effects and corrective actions for these issues that can affect you and your passengers while in flight:

  • hypoxia.
  • hyperventilation.
  • middle ear and sinus problems.
  • spatial disorientation.
  • motion sickness.
  • carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • stress and fatigue.
  • dehydration.

Effects of alcohol and drugs

  • How do drugs and alcohol affect your performance as a pilot?
  • How can over the counter medications affect your performance as a pilot?
  • What regulations pertain to drug and alcohol usage prior to acting as pilot in command?

Decompression Sickness

  • What is the hazard that can occur if flight occurs soon after scuba diving?
  • What are the guidelines to prevent decompression sickness?
PHAK 25BStudy PHAK Chapter 17 Aeromedical Factors
Practical Knowledge Written Test Prep Review

Review results of practice written test.

Register for an account, and complete a Private Pilot practice test using the free version of Sporty’s Study Buddy.
Decision Making and Risk Mgmt Review weather briefing, airplane performance and weight and balance for flight.

Use the PAVE checklist to identify risks associated with the flight.

Flight Experience
The instructor will ask you to perform each maneuver listed below. The instructor will provide feedback and coaching to help you attain performance within the practical test standards.

  • Slow Flight
  • Power Off Stall
  • Power On Stall
  • Steep Turns
  • Normal/Crosswind Takeoff
  • Normal/Crosswind Landing
  • Go Around
  • Forward Slip
  • Simulated Engine Failure
  • Short Field Takeoff
  • Short Field Landing
  • Soft Field Takeoff
  • Soft Field Landing
  • Emergency Descent
  • Basic Attitude Instrument Flying
  • Unusual Attitude Recoveries
  • Radio Navigation
  • Rectangular Course
  • S-Turns
  • Turns around a point
FAAReview the Private Pilot Airmen Certification Standards and the Airplane Flying Handbook material for each of these maneuvers.