I had a fantastic experience training at Max Aero. I found the program structured and clear, and throughout the lessons I had a solid understanding of the expectations that would be placed on me as a Private Pilot as well as how I was progressing toward that goal. The combination of one-on-one instruction, in-flight training, and aviation experiences all helped me feel prepared and capable as a pilot. Learning to fly is both challenging and deeply rewarding, and I feel fortunate to have trained at Max Aero!

Justin M.

Learning to fly is the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done. I’ve wanted to fly since I was young, watching the Thunderbirds and C-130s over my grandpa’s back yard. I realized I had an opportunity to make flying part of my everyday life now, not in retirement, and I took it. It changed my life and I couldn’t be happier. The program at Max Aero is a great combination of structured learning and predictability – a very efficient approach to flight training. Now that I’ve earned my “license to learn”, I’m eager to get up in the air, practice my skills, and continue on to earn more ratings.

Neil B.