I attended a ground school program put on by the Hangtown EAA Chapter in 2013. Throughout the program I met several CFIs when they came in to give presentations on various topics. I was most impressed with Dustin because of his extensive aviation knowledge. When it came time for me to select a flight instructor my first choice was Dustin at Max Aero. He was able to work with my schedule and set up a training program around my full- time work. Dustin challenged me to do my best, so that by the end, I was over-prepared for the private pilot check ride. I highly recommend Max Aero.

Michael H.

Thank you for the excellent instrument training experience! Iā€™m pleased to have my instrument rating but more important I am now a safer, more competent pilot. Your professional approach and preparedness for each lesson lead to smooth check ride. The early simulator time was invaluable and the trip to the Nor Cal TRACON took the mystery and stress out of dealing with ATC. Your approach, vast knowledge and teaching methods created a positive learning environment and I happy to say we have a top rate flight school in Cameron Park!

Don B.