Private Pilot Training Program

Welcome to your journey of obtaining a pilot certificate!

We provide an integrated training program, preparing you for both the knowledge test and practical test, while also helping you accumulate the required experience, knowledge and skill to earn the Private Pilot certificate.

Training Stages

Training for the Private Pilot certificate is conducted under Part 61 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, and is broken up into three stages:

  • Stage 1 – Solo
  • Stage 2 – Cross Country
  • Stage 3 – Practical Test Preparation

You will be paired with a flight instructor who will serve as your guide throughout your training. Your instructors will help you acquire knowledge, skill and decision making competencies, both in the classroom and in the airplane.


Total instructional and flight time hours needed to complete training can vary depending on a number of factors including frequency of lessons, your level of preparation for each lesson, and the rate at which you learn. We recommend planning to need at least 100 instructional hours and 55 flight hours, but it’s common for pilots to need additional instruction time, especially if they experience breaks in training, missed lessons, and can’t consistently prepare for each lesson.

Other things you’ll need along the way

Besides instruction and aircraft rental, there are other expenses that you need to plan for to accomplish your training.

  • Third Class Medical certificate (approx. $100).
  • Textbooks and test prep books($100)
  • Headset ($150-1050)
  • Pilot Operating Handbooks ($30-80)
  • Flight Plan Logs ($5)
  • Aeronautical Sectional Charts ($8)
  • Airport Facility Directory ($6)
  • Kneeboard ($35)
  • E6-B Flight Computer and Plotter ($50)
  • Knowledge Exam Fee ($150)
  • Practical Test Examiner Fee ($800)

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