Getting Started

Set up an appointment

We want to meet with you, introduce you to our instructors and show you around our facility and airplanes. We want to learn more about why you are interested in obtaining a pilot certificate, discuss our training program, and answer your questions. Call us today at 530-350-5052 to set up an appointment.

FAA Student Pilot Guide

Read through the FAA Student Pilot Guide to familiarize yourself with the process of obtaining a pilot certificate. You may also find this FAA Safety Briefing helpful as it’s focused on getting started flying.

Third Class Medical Certificate

One of the first steps you can take to prepare for flight training is to obtain your Third Class Medical Certificate.

To find an FAA Aviation Medical Examiner, a physician that can issue a medical certificate, you can use this web form: There are no AME’s in El Dorado County. Search in Sacramento Co.

After you make the appointment, you’ll need to complete the application online at before your exam. Again, please be sure that you apply for both a Third Class Medical.

Read AOPA medical resources to learn more the application process. Once you start the process of applying for a medical certificate, you enter a one way door that may prevent you from exercising sport pilot certificate privileges (which only requires a driver’s license instead of a medical certificate) if you are denied a medical certificate.

Note: Once you have held at least a Third Class Medical after July 14th 2006, you can then obtain a BasicMed certificate and fly under its requirements. See BasicMed for more information.

Student Pilot Certificate

During your first lesson, your flight instructor will help you obtain a Student Pilot Certificate through the FAA’s IACRA website.

TSA Citizenship Check

Please bring your U.S. passport or birth certificate and government issued photo identification to your first ground lesson. Your instructor will make a copy of these documents and place an endorsement in your logbook stating that your citizenship has been verified. If you are not a U.S. citizen, please contact us to start the process of obtaining TSA approval to train in in the U.S.

For more information about this requirement, please see this AOPA guide.

Rental Agreement

Please complete the Max Aero Rental Agreement and bring with you to you first flight lesson.