Flight Training

Are you ready to take the plunge and train to earn a pilot certificate?

Our passion is helping you achieve your aviation goals! Whether it’s learning to fly for pleasure, business, or a career, our training program ensures that you earn your certificate efficiently while developing the proficiency and confidence needed to fly in today’s busy airspace.

Your training will be guided by experienced instructors with an excellent track record of preparing pilots to successfully pass the checkride the first time.

We focus on delivering instruction that fits your work/life balance, and is tailored to how you learn best.

Call us today at 530-350-5052 to set up an appointment to discuss your training plan.

Initial Pilot Certification

There are three initial pilot certificates; sport pilot, recreational pilot and private pilot.   AOPA has a great table that explains the privileges and limitations of each certificate.

We can provide training for all three certificates (Note: for the sport pilot certificate you will need to provide the light sport airplane).

All certificate training programs follow the same training program at the beginning.  You can complete Stage 1 – Primary Maneuvers and then choose which certificate you wish to pursue.  

Ready to start training? Check out the Private Pilot Training Program.

Additional Training 

If you’re interested in obtaining an instrument rating, commercial certificate, or flight instructor certificate, please contact us to discuss your tailored training program.