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How to obtain a weather briefing

Start by reading through the Preflight, Inflight, PostFlight and Safety Tips sections of the General Aviation’s Pilots Weather Guide. Read How to obtain a good weather briefing. Register for an account at the Lockheed Martin Flight Services web portal. Read through the User Guide and Helpful Videos (found under the Help menu) to learn how … Continue reading How to obtain a weather briefing

How to use a navigation plotter

There are many types of navigation plotters. The most common used in VFR navigation is the sectional plotter, which typically will enable you to measure nautical miles and statute miles on both sectional charts and world aeronautical charts (WAC). We’ll typically only be using the nautical mile sectional chart scale; be careful to ensure that … Continue reading How to use a navigation plotter

Complete a navigation log

A navigation log is a tool that you use to guide your preflight planning, and a plan that you execute in flight. The value you obtain from the navigation log is the centralization of all of the information you need in an easy to read, single location. There are many different versions of navigation logs. … Continue reading Complete a navigation log

Air Traffic Management

Air Traffic Management (ATM) consists of three layers of air traffic control services. Center Approach Tower Center The first Air Traffic Control Center originated at Newark Airport, Newark, New Jersey, as a privately operated venture formed by cooperative airline companies in October 1935. On July 8, 1936 the Department of Commerce’s Civil Aeronautical Administration assumed … Continue reading Air Traffic Management